Expose Your Phone Habits - Netted
Article • February 4, 2015

Expose Your Phone Habits

QualityTime is an Android app that tells you how much you're on your phone

We’re told we’re always on our phones. That it’s bad for our health. That it’ll ruin our friendships and marriages.

So it’s time we asked ourselves: What the heck are we doing on our phones all the time?

Enter QualityTime, an app that answers that not-so age-old question.

QualityTime is an Android app that profiles your incessant tapping on the glowing rectangle in your pocket. It observes what apps you open daily and plots them in interesting ways.

More of a late-afternoon Instagrammer? QualityTime knows. A late-night Snapchatter? That’s your business, but same deal.

In addition to tracking how long you spend using each app, it can also alert you when you pass self-imposed limits (“isn’t six hours of Vine enough?!”). Plus, the “Take a Break” feature lets you disable your phone for a set time, minus whatever apps you must access.

QualityTime just saved your marriage.