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Article • February 9, 2015

Put the News in Context

Timeline is an iOS app and website that provides the story behind the news

You’re at a dinner party, and somebody brings up Narendra Modi. Or Abenomics. Or Bitcoin. Or Davos. Or DJ Metamucil.

(Okay, that last one was made up.)

To stay up on current events, you’ll need more than namedrops. You’ll need the vital context you get out of Timeline.

This mobile app for iOS and the Web creates a timeline of breaking stories from the day, divided up into sections like Technology, Business, Culture & Lifestyle, and “Editor’s Picks” – to name a few. It tracks your article history, and can save articles to read offline later.

But the real magic happens when you start reading. As Timeline puts it, “The news is the short tail of a very long string of events.” As a result, each story comes with context starting at the beginning, whether that beginning is at the birth of US-India relations, or beer’s birth 8,000 years ago.

Now you’re ready for dinner.