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Article • February 10, 2015

Chat with the Neighbors

Qork is an Android and iOS app for local news, events, and community building

As your grandparents might say: Neighbors… they used to mean something. We wrote songs for them. We danced with them. We had life-affirming chats over the fence.

Turns out, the neighborhood is still doing pretty well. It’s just found a new home in your phone, on Qork.

Qork forms a community around your location. Set up the app (available on iOS and Android), and it immediately figures out what people are saying and experiencing around you. That’s everything from info on the best happy hours, deals, and meals in town, to celebrity sightings, and much more.

It’ll also plot who’s saying what and where, and rank posters by the quality of their submissions. The most popular posts get shuffled to the top, and the most popular posters get declared “locals.”

Plus, you can create limited lists of friends to see the neighborhood news as they see it.

Your neighbors will love hearing from you.