Make Your Positions Clear - Netted
Article • February 12, 2015

Make Your Positions Clear

State is a website for sharing your opinions and finding likeminded people

You express yourself online, and what do you get? Stuff like this.

Digital discourse doesn’t need to be crass. Actually it’s pretty nuanced on State, the news discussion site and app that pairs you with folks you can connect with.

State is a community for topics. Search subjects that interest you – like music, technology, etc. – and weigh in by submitting timely links and opinions. Others join in with tags (like, “gross,” “fascinating,” etc.) and comments expressing their takes. As you state your opinion, State begins understanding your POV and brings more likeminded people to your feed.

Now for some news: Publications can now add State as an interactive sidebar right within their sites. That means if you’re reading an article, you can activate your State browser plugin (called the “Stateclip“) to read the opinions of your connections and friends, and weigh in with your own, right there.

Those crass commenters will fade into the distance.