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Article • February 18, 2015

Get On the WiFi, Wherever You Are

WiFi Map is an iOS and Android app that maps out free WiFi spots

Ask anybody who’s ever followed a treasure map: They can take you on some pretty wild adventures.

To get the treasure without enduring the wild, just queue up WiFi Map, an app for iOS and Android that locates open and accessible wireless connections in your area. (Because free Wi-Fi is the modern-day equivalent of treasure, right?)

Open WiFi Map anywhere in the world, and every network within a mile of you springs into sight. Hotspots are added by the community and include notes on reliability, passwords, and more. Find one you like and share it with a friend.

If you’re interested in shelling out $4.99, WiFi Map Pro offers an expanded suite of functionality, allowing you to locate nearby Wi-Fi networks even when your phone isn’t connected to the Internet or cellular data. (Friendly reminder: Make sure you’re staying safe when using public Wi-Fi.)

Get going: There’s gold in them thar Wi-Fi networks.