Silence Your Distractions - Netted
Article • February 19, 2015

Silence Your Distractions

ColdTurkey is a desktop app that controls your internet addiction

You sit down to concentrate on work – and right away, there it is. The pull. You can hear the distractions calling you…




Your hand trembles. You double your effort to focus but you’re slipping. Without your even noticing, your hand opens a new browser tab. The scene fades to black.

Cold Turkey is here to help you through your distracting internet addiction. This free PC app (like SelfControl for Macs), will temporarily block the Web’s most tantalizing diversions while you attempt to get some work done.

Tell Cold Turkey what sites you crave most, and how long you’ll need them off your digital plate, and it makes them inaccessible. You can even create separate groups of apps/sites to block and implement those blocks as needed. And with the Pro version ($14.99) you can schedule regular embargoes ahead of time, block games on your desktop, and more.

Feel the pull? What pull?