A Green Guide to Saving Energy - Netted
Article • February 20, 2015

A Green Guide to Saving Energy

Use these 5 gadgets and Android and iOS apps to reduce wasteful power consumption




Contrary to common belief, being green can be pretty easy. Especially when you have a site like Oroeco that puts a carbon value on each aspect of your life – from what you buy to where you live and how you travel – and shows you how to reduce your impact.



Want visibility into your energy use and control over your household appliances? The Smappee monitor and app combines the features of an energy monitor and home automation system, empowering you to reduce consumption and save on your bill.


Green Outlet_150

Green Outlet
Get a grip on your household consumption with this super smart iOS app. Enter how many people you live with and what appliances you use, and Green Outlet can predict your electric bill, tell you which appliances are costing you the most, and more.


Juggle Box_150

Yo, People of NYC, Connecticut, and Jersey: Moving sucks and it’s expensive. Don’t let it be wasteful, too. This service delivers sturdy, reusable plastic boxes, and picks them up when you’re done. Better for the planet and your wallet.


Flower Power_150

Flower Power
In your home, there’s one thing that may not be consuming enough: your plants. Stick this sensor in your flower pots to keep an eye on your plants’ health and get alerts on your iOS or Android device when they need a little TLC (and water).