Get Organized and Look Sharp - Netted
Article • February 24, 2015

Get Organized and Look Sharp

The ClosetSpace app for iOS and Android organizes your closet

Raise your hand if you, too, have stared deep into a closet full of clothes and said: “I have nothing to wear.”

We know the feeling. But we also know a magic trick to make it look like you’ve got a lot: It’s an app called ClosetSpace, and it’ll help you get dressed.

Use ClosetSpace (iOS and Android) to inventory your closet. Add items from your wardrobe with photos or by exploring the app’s database. Let it know what you’re wearing on any given day, and what weather, temperature, and occasion it’s right for.

After that, ClosetSpace makes recommendations based on the day’s forecast, and how recently you’ve worn that ensemble. Tell it you’re having dinner and a night out on a snowy day, and it’ll produce a lookbook of styles.

It’s also a hub for outfit inspiration, featuring recent looks from around the community. They’ll even style you.

Suddenly, your closet is brand new.