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Article • February 27, 2015

Try Connected Products Before You Buy

Lumoid Wear is a service that lets you try out devices

We live in the age of the connected anything. There’s the connected blood test. The connected yoga studio. The connected tea kettle. The connected pet. Actually, lots and lots of connected pets

How do you know you’ll like any of these gadgets? Find out with Lumoid Wear, a service that sends you a bunch of wearables to try.

Lumoid is known best for selling cameras. If you’re in that market, it’s a reliable pick for everything from DSLRs to drones.

But Lumoid does this other cool thing where it will send any five wearables from its site for you to test out for seven days. (Stuff like the Jawbone UP4, the Misfit Shine, and others.) If you like one, buy it. If you don’t, send them all back and pay a small rental fee of $20 for all five. Lumoid even includes the return label.

It’s a smart way to check out smart devices.