Make Your Internet Connection a Group Effort - Netted
Article • March 3, 2015

Make Your Internet Connection a Group Effort

Speedify is a Windows and Mac app that unites multiple internet connections so you get a more reliable one

The Planeteers had Captain Planet. The Galaxy Garrison had Voltron. The Power Rangers had the Megazord.

And you? You have Speedify.

Using Speedify is like calling out “Let our powers combine…!” for a speedier Internet connection. If your Internet is weak, this Windows and Mac app rallies every individual connection, like 4G or Wi-Fi, and merges them into one super connection.

Once you’re signed up, add connections like 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, land lines like Ethernet, or even a second Wi-Fi network. Speedify then picks out the fastest local server to boost your connection, up to 50 Mbps.

Speedify even coordinates multiple downloads across your synced services, so they all happen as fast as possible. If you’re stuck on slow Wi-Fi, use the app to switch to cellular data and fly.

Speedify has a limited free plan. But if you want more, use code NETTED at checkout to get 50% off the yearly plan.

Now, repeat after us: “Let our Wi-Fis combine…”