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Article • March 5, 2015

Expose the Apps Draining Your Battery

Estar is an Android app that reveals which apps are shortening your battery life

Hey, whodunit enthusiasts. We have an idea for a modern-day murder mystery. It’s called “What the hell is killing my phone battery?!” Let’s solve it together.

So what is it? The maps app running in the background? The connected device that needs Bluetooth access? The enormous game that uses half your RAM?

Whatever the culprit, Estar, a battery efficiency app for Android phones, will save you the sleuthing.

Invented at Purdue University, Estar profiles your phone’s energy consumption and reveals the apps and configurations (like screen brightness) that are crushing your battery life.

It also rates each of your apps by their overall efficiency, so you can see who the repeat offenders are. Plus it recommends apps that are especially green, like BBC News, or Beats Music – and it shows you apps’ energy ratings before you download them. Developers can go even more in-depth with the premium-level Eprof.

Just like that, the mystery is solved.