Transform the World from Your Camera - Netted
Article • March 6, 2015

Transform the World from Your Camera Camera is an iOS video recorder app that augments reality

In The Matrix, Neo achieves a sort of enlightenment when he can see through the constructed reality of his world to reveal it’s true DNA:


Okay, not exactly. But that’s what he would see if he were using Camera, an augmented reality app for iOS devices that can transfer the surface of our visual world into something totally different. Camera is a video recorder that changes what you see with every tap. Open it up and point it at anything; if you’re taking a selfie, tap them on your screen and they’ll suddenly become patterned by swarming fish, or a photo-negative video of a bomb exploding, or, yes, a billowing flag of emojis.

You can easily export these to share anywhere you please. Plus, these perception-transforming skins are multiplying by the day. The app features custom creations from artists and labels like iLoveMakonnen, Kreayshawn, and Mad Decent.

Just be prepared to see everything in a new light.