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Article • March 9, 2015

Get All the Details on Your Contacts

FullContact is an iOS and Android app and Chrome add-on that puts your contact book in order

If your address book is in perfect shape, congratulations.

If your address book is a disaster zone of defunct numbers, missing information, and duplicates, congratulations are in order for you too, just not yet.

Before you can start patting yourself on the back, you’ll need to employ FullContact. This site syncs with your Gmail account and social networks to put your contact book in order.

Get the app and give it access to all your accounts – Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. It’ll gather all the information to put it in one place, look up fields you’re missing, like addresses, and numbers, and fill them in, Beatles-style, and locate duplicate cards to merge them.

FullContact finds lots of information with it’s Chrome extension you wouldn’t have had otherwise. It not only finds a contact’s work information, but also their company’s history, address, and more. Plus check out the premium version to turn business cards into contacts.

Now we can say it.