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Article • March 12, 2015

Stay on Top of Current Events with One Daily Email

Briefing is a newsletter that crunches the news into digestible morning bites

Every day, close to 100,000 news articles are posted to the Web. 100,000! That’s not even counting everything about llamas and blue/gold dresses (that’s like another 100,000, easy).

Here to make those stories easier to digest is Briefing, a service that crunches the previous day’s events down to the reading length of a short subway trip.

Every morning, Briefing turns a handful of top stories into five-ish sentence explainers that you can receive by email or read on the Web. So when something is happening in, say, Russia, Briefing gives you the background, the meat, and the greater significance.

Briefing also links to sources that substantiate its coverage and let you dive deeper into stories, if you have time for that sorta thing.

Also check out the Briefing Beat, which features one song, sometimes new, sometimes old, every day.

They’ll sort the llama drama so you can just keep reading.