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Article • March 13, 2015

Find the Perfect Movie to Stream Online

FlixFindr is a website for navigating movie streaming services

Once upon a time, when we wanted to find something to watch, we did something called “channel surfing.” It was like real surfing, just no water, surfboard, or fun. So yeah, it was nothing like surfing.

These days we’ve got a hundred times as many options scattered all over the place online. Channel surfing is out. FlixFindr is in.

FlixFindr gathers every site that streams movies online – from Netflix to Hulu to HBO GO – and helps you navigate them easily. Search any movie out there and this service will link you straight to the site that hosts it.

But let’s say you don’t know what you want to watch. That’s no problem. You can use FlixFindr to sift movies by MPAA rating (watching with kids!), year (classic movies only!), Rotten Tomatoes score (only 85% and above!), genre (comedies!), or streaming site (iTunes!).

Look: You’ve found the perfect movie, no surfing required.