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Article • March 16, 2015

Always Know Where You're Going

UrbanEngines is an iOS app with richer and more accessible map navigation

You think you’ve got maps figured out. Just plug your destination into your phone, get directions, go. It doesn’t get deeper than that, right?

Actually it does, if you’re using UrbanEngines.

This app adds loads of useful features, like offline maps in several cities, for example (great for when you’re on the subway, or on trips where reception is poor).

It also has live transit schedules that stay updated. Keep a list of your go-to places on UrbanEngines and you’ll always know how long it’ll take you to get there from wherever you are. It’ll even tell you if your public transit line is historically on time or not.

Plus it has augmented reality. Just hover over your current location to see where your local transit options are.

And if you’ve got time to spare, it gives you info on stuff to do and see on your way to where you’re headed.

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