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Article • March 18, 2015

One Slideshow App to Rule Them All

Bunkr is a web app that lets you embed web content in presentations

Someone says, “Hey, check out my slide presentation!” And you’re like, “Sorry I have a date with… um… ANYTHING ELSE.”

Look, we can’t stop people from packing slides with tiny fonts, reading text right off the screen, or covering everything in ClipArt (actually, that last one’s already taken care of).

What we can do is introduce them to Bunkr.

Bunkr is a fully web-based presentation site. Make presentations the same as you would on PowerPoint or Keynote, but add all sorts of elements – like videos, articles, social media posts, or you can even code something yourself – and it’ll show up in your deck.

This has all kinds of cool applications. For example, if you’re presenting something that changes over time, like a GitHub repo or Twitter feed, you won’t need to update the deck to keep it current. You can even sync Bunkr with slide decks on other services, like SlideBean.

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