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Article • March 23, 2015

Keep Your Messages Truly Private

Mustbin is a chat app for iOS and Android that puts you in control of your data

“I should not have said that,” you think, staring at your texts. You wonder if you can destroy her phone before she reads it. Then you look down and realize it’s too late.

As with real life, you can’t take back the words you say to someone in text or email. But you can take them back on Mustbin, a super-secure chat app for iOS and Android that gives you control over your words, content, and data.

Mustbin is all about discretion. Not only are all of your message attachments (like photos or videos) encrypted and stored within the app itself, you can also clear your record by deleting sent texts and photos on both sides of the conversation.

It’s more than a messaging app, though. It’s kind of your extremely functional, password-protected digital safe. Use it to digitize cards in your wallet, store passwords, receipts, health information – the list goes on.

Consider yourself saved.