The Smart Home for Your Photos - Netted
Article • March 30, 2015

The Smart Home for Your Photos

Picturelife is a cloud-based app for web, iOS, Android, and desktop that manages your photo library

Isn’t it cool when someone fixes a problem without you noticing? Like, one day you realize, “You know, I haven’t had to scrape around for a picture for a while. Huh.” Huh is right. But that’s life with Picturelife, a cloud service for photos and videos. Picturelife collects, syncs, and organizes your pictures when you’re not looking.

Sign up and download the Smartloader, an application that lives in the background of your computer and uploads your photos to the cloud. Then get the app for iOS or Android to do the same with your phone. Sync it with services like Instagram and Dropbox to complete the collection.

Picturelife geolocates all your photos, recognizes faces, identifies duplicates, and even organizes photos by event.

It’s free for up to 8GB. But if you want more storage, Netted readers can save 50% on the larger plans with these links: Solo, Family, and Unlimited. Oh, and that’s 50% off forever.

Problem solved.