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Article • April 1, 2015

Bring the Hairdresser to You

Barbera is the world's first barber to come through your window at a tap of your phone

Getting a haircut is stressful. You’ve gotta find someone who won’t make you look like Edward Scissorhands, has an open appointment, knows your ‘do, and won’t chew (or chop) your ear off…

If it’s 2015 and you’re still relying on humans with scissors to cut your hair, meet our friend Barbera: the world’s first barber who comes to you, anytime, anyplace.

Barbera is sort of like Uber meets Warby Parker meets Northrop Grumman meets your barber Sal. Just download the app, scan your head using your phone’s camera, and select the haircut you want.

Then open your window… and wait.

Within 20 minutes, Barbera – your friendly neighborhood barber drone – will buzz through your window. Sign a simple liability waiver within the app and Barbera starts snipping. (Disclaimer: Make sure to sit very still!)

In just a few minutes, Barbera gets you looking shorn and sharp, and will be out your window.

Cut the stress short.