Get Better Mobile Browsing - Netted
Article • April 2, 2015

Get Better Mobile Browsing

Flynx is an Android app that streamlines the online and offline mobile browsing experience

You pull out your phone for a quick scan of your Twitter feed before bed. Next thing you know? It’s 2:30 AM and you’re somehow on a list of lists of lists.

It’s too easy to fall down online rabbit holes. But Flynx makes mobile browsing totally manageable. This app lets you save articles in the background so you can avoid the weird detours and stay on track.

Install Flynx to your Android device and start browsing on any app (say, Twitter or Facebook). The next time you’re struck by something fascinating, tap and hold the link.

Flynx deposits that article in a bubble that stays on the side of your screen until you’re ready (it can store up to four at a time). If you want save something for offline reading later, double tap it instead.

But don’t veer too far from the rabbit holes. They could be useful.