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Article • April 3, 2015

Listen to Your 8th Grade Playlist

Retrojam is a website that generates playlists based on your date of birth

Somewhere in your home is a dusty old CD-R. Or if you’re an O.G., a cassette tape. On it are the songs that defined a time in your life: high school, a road trip, a party…

Press play and you’re transported.

Plenty of things can make you nostalgic, but nothing quite like a song. Instead of digging around for loose discs, give Retrojam a spin.

All Retrojam needs is your birthdate. Using that, it creates a playlist of songs that were big the day you were born, as well as one for every school year – from first grade to your senior year of college.

And in case you think they missed something (“‘Hey Ya!‘ was so’04!”), you can throw together your own playlists to share with friends who want a ride in the Wayback Machine.

It’ll take you back.