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Article • April 8, 2015

Car Broke Down? This App Will Come to Your Rescue.

Use the Honk app for iOS, Android, or the web to get cheap roadside assistance

You’re driving down the highway and something’s wrong. There’s a weird sound coming from the engine. The car is slowing down. Even the songs on the radio seem to be staggering to a halt.

You could stand by the side of the road and stick out a thumb, but that doesn’t always end well. You know what does? Honk.

Honk provides roadside assistance on demand for cheap. Get the app for iOS or Android. Next time your ride sputters out on you, hop on Honk to provide details about your car and problem. Honk can get you a tow, a tire, or even a tank of gas on short notice.

Honk works its magic by tapping into a network of auto repair companies from around the country, and as such averages about 15 – 30 minutes to get your fix. It doesn’t even require a membership plan. Just get a price quote (includes tax and tip), request your repair, and Honk charges your card.

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