Relive Your Night Out - Netted
Article • April 10, 2015

Relive Your Night Out

The Flashgap iOS and Android app makes your group pictures disappear until the next day

We all know the feeling: you wake up, groggy. Lampshade on your head. Permanent marker on your face. What happened last night?

Sure, you could rely on your friends for a recollection, but didn’t they just write “Shrek” on your forehead? Flashgap is more trustworthy.

Flashgap for iOS and Android is a photo album you make with your friends. We forgive you if that doesn’t get your heart a-racing. It’s a photo album you make with your friends that you can’t see until the next day – it’s gone until you’re already nostalgic for it.

Get everybody on the app, and start shooting photos and videos. This dude’s making out with a lamp! That girl just called her friend by her mom’s name! Wacky hijinks ensue, some of which you didn’t even witness and won’t until the next morning.

Flashgap will remind you. In the meantime, the V8’s in the fridge.