Order Wine Like a Pro with One App - Netted
Video • April 13, 2015

Order Wine Like a Pro with One App

The Wineglass app for iOS and Android helps you navigate a wine list with ease

Unless you’re a seasoned pro, ordering wine out at a restaurant can be overwhelming. This app helps you pick the right wine for your meal.

OPEN: Hi, I’m Netted’s Senior Editor Charlie Kaplan, and this is Cheat Codes.

INTRO: Reading the wine menu at a fancy bar or restaurant can feel like a multiple choice test where you don’t recognize any of the answers.

THE CHEAT: This app, called WineGlass, is the earpiece whispering the correct answers to those wine questions. Use this app to scan the bottles by name from the wine list. The app then cross-checks each of the bottle names with CellarTracker, the biggest wine-drinkers review community on the web. It delivers ratings for every bottle on the list, suggests good food pairings, and even takes a look at the price to see if you’re overpaying.

OUTRO: Quick final word of advice: when they give you a little wine to taste, cover the top of the glass, swish it around, put your nose in the glass to get a big whiff, and then take a sip. Don’t spit it out, you’ll look like a nut.

That’s your wine cheat code. Drink up!