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Article • April 14, 2015

Always Know Who's Calling

Truecaller is an iOS and Android app that identifies callers and predicts who you'll want to call

Address books are often more trouble than they’re worth. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just take the Yellow Pages and squeeze them into your phone?

Well, don’t do that. Instead use Truecaller, an enormous database of phone numbers – over 1.5 billion – that fills in some necessary blanks.

First off, Truecaller knows who’s calling you. Use the app (for every OS imaginable) or site to back-search any phone number. It can also fill in all kinds of information, like address, name, and more. Plus it lets you make calls and texts right from the app.

Truecaller uses its powers for good. It collects data about what numbers spammers and telemarketers are using and will block their pestering calls. Plus the Truedialer app (Android and Windows) even predicts when you’ll want to call certain contacts and will surface their numbers at convenient times.

Your address book problems are solved. Put down the Yellow Pages.