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Article • April 15, 2015

Get the Perfect Resume Without Doing Any Formatting

ineedaresume makes you a beautiful resume in a snap

After throwing out the flair, tossing the rag, examining your alternatives, and seeing who’s coming with you, you’re going to need a new job you can get to over a bridge you haven’t burned.

Make a good first impression with ineedaresume, a site that helps you make really good resumes.

ineedaresume is great for people who don’t want to spend countless hours adjusting font sizes, Googling how headers are supposed to look, and squeezing margins to make everything fit. Just pass through each of the necessary steps – Personal Information, Education, Skills, etc. – and ineedaresume spits out something like this. Not bad!

Plus, it’s a pretty smart site: It’ll save the text you leave in fields in case you need to return, but it doesn’t allow anyone else peek to see what you wrote. When you’re done, export it to PDF and get cracking on that next job.

Do it with flair.