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Article • April 21, 2015

Maximize Your Credit Card Rewards

Wallaby is an iOS and Android app for getting the best rewards on every transaction

Different credit cards provide different rewards – we all know this. Some get you air miles when you shop at certain places, others points when you buy gas. But it’s hard to keep track of where to use what card to maximize those rewards.

So let Wallaby keep track instead. This digital wallet chooses what card to use to net you the most possible rewards on every transaction.

It works in a lot of cool ways. You can get Wallaby on iOS, Android, and Amazon phones; plus Android, Galaxy, and Pebble wearables; or as a Chrome extension. Or you can get a physical card shipped to you. Sync all your credit cards with the service and get spending.

Once you’re set up, go out into the world and start buying. Wallaby will analyze every purchase by looking at your card benefits. Plus, the service is free for the first 6 months.

Reward yourself.