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Article • April 22, 2015

Here's the Good News

Get 12 Weeks of The Economist for $15

We’ve got big news about something very, very small.

Specifically, we mean the price you can get The Economist for: $15 for the first 12 weeks.

To put it in the kind of timely and relevant perspective the world affairs paper has become known for in its 170 years of publication, that’s $1.25 an issue. $1.25 for smart, incisive elucidations of everything from global politics to business to culture.

A breaking update: you’ll also get full access to, early releases of every issue on yourapp (iOS, Android, Windows 8, Chrome, Blackberry, and Kindle Fire) on Thursdays, audio versions read aloud, the The World in 2016 special issue, and The Economist Espresso app, which hits you with a daily morning briefing in your email inbox.

You won’t just be informed, you’ll be in heady company, too. The Economist‘s readership includes Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, and, soon, you.

Big things do come in small packages.