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Article • April 23, 2015

Find Out Who Your Followers Are

SocialRank is a website that runs the numbers on your Instagram and Twitter followers

The people you follow on sites like Instagram and Twitter are a carefully selected list of thought leaders, comedians, and people who reliably post pictures of their cute cat.

But what about your followers? Your social bullhorn might have more power than you expect, and there’s no better place to find out your hidden influence than SocialRank.

SocialRank runs the numbers on your followers to give you a sense of who they are. Suss out their interests, location, and if they’re verified.

It goes deeper. Sort by useful criteria, like most followed, or get fancier metrics, like most engaged (who you talk with the most), most valuable (most in-demand and potentially useful), and best (a combo of the two).

SocialRank has only been available for Twitter until today, but now you can use the service to figure out who your Instagram followers are, too. So choose those food pics well!

Don’t just Tweet; Tweet (and Instagram!) wisely.