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Article • April 24, 2015

Put Tons of GIFs at Your Fingertips

GIFwrapped is an iOS app for easily finding the right GIF to express yourself

The perfect comeback must be timely, witty, funny, and on point. It requires skill and resourcefulness, and the payoff is sweet, sweet victory.

Imagine their bafflement when you drop the perfect GIF at the perfect moment. Do that with GIFwrapped, an iOS search engine that serves up GIFs in an iPhone-based holster.

There is a great GIF for almost any situation. Finding them when you need them, however, is another story. With GIFwrapped, you simply need to type in the feel you’re going for – say, “Deal with it,” “Really? No,” or just anything from The Office – and you’ll be served a platter of relevant GIFs.

Immediately share the image in an email, Tweet, or elsewhere. Grab a link, or just save it to your library for future use. You can even sync GIFs to GIFwrapped that you already had saved on your camera roll, and send them anywhere.

The reaction is priceless.