Share Your Secrets Safely - Netted
Article • May 6, 2015

Share Your Secrets Safely

Sharelock is a OSX, Android, and web app for sharing secure information easily

Pity the fool who asks, “Can you keep a secret?” Trust that whatever you say about your friend’s girlfriend, your uncle’s cooking, or that… hat… will not be kept in confidence.

You know who can keep a secret? Sharelock. This ridiculously secure Android, Mac desktop, and browser app shepherds your data to its rightful recipient without spilling the beans and blowing up your spot.

Here’s how it works: Type out the thing you want to share – we’re talking passwords, credit card numbers, super-secret crushes, anything – and the email, Facebook, Whatsapp, Microsoft, or Twitter handle of the person you want to receive it. Sharelock then heavily encrypts this precious cargo.

Recipients can only reveal the contents by logging into the service you sent to, otherwise the data stays confidential. After that, the secret is theirs to receive.

And after that? Well, let’s hope your friends are as trustworthy as Sharelock.