Access All Your Docs with One Click - Netted
Article • May 11, 2015

Access All Your Docs with One Click

Here’s a list of stuff you commonly misplace: Your car keys. The remote. Your wallet. The presentation you need for your meeting.

Annoying, right? Well, for the last of those four, Treev can help you out.

Treev is a Chrome extension that puts all your most important documents just a click away, no matter where they are. Once it’s installed in your browser, sync your cloud accounts – Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Trello. Then open up the Treev drawer to search for any files you’ve got stored across those services. In a click, you’re there.

Treev even integrates with Gmail to make attaching files super fast. And if you need to share a file elsewhere, Treev produces a link without you even needing to open the doc itself. In fact, hitting Alt-S pulls up search instantly. Crazy fast!

It won’t find your wallet, but it’s still pretty cool.