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Article • May 13, 2015

All Your Membership Cards in One App

CardStar is an iOS, Android, and Windows app that digitizes your loyalty cards

Warning signs: You can’t sit down. It’s become a conversation piece at the end of dinners. You don’t even know what’s in it anymore.

The bad news is your wallet’s ballooning out of control. The good news is there’s an app to get it back in shape. It’s called CardStar.

CardStar (for iOS, Android, and more) takes all those pesky membership and rewards cards – think: points card for the drugstore or your swipe card for the gym – and scans them to lighten your load. Once they’re digitized, you can toss them out.

CardStar works almost anywhere loyalty and membership cards are accepted, from grocery stores to libraries to airlines to gas stations.

Side effects: CardStar might end up fattening your wallet in another way. Specifically, when you’re shopping somewhere and you whip your app out, it displays any available deals or promotions so you can start cashing in.

Your wallet is feeling better already.