Never Email a Big File Again - Netted
Article • May 14, 2015

Never Email a Big File Again

DBInbox is a web app that makes file transfer a breeze

Let’s say a friend wants to send you a file.

Scratch that: Let’s say a bunch of friends want to send you files. And let’s say these files are too big for email (and anyway, you’re closing in on quadruple-digit unread emails as it is).

That’s why you want DBInbox. This service links up with your Dropbox account to allow anyone you’d like to send files to a folder on your computer, making all those hypotheticals irrelevant.

Sign up for DBInbox and you’ll get a dedicated page you can share with anyone. Your contacts just grab the file they want to send you and drop it on the page. It’ll then immediately upload to your Dropbox folder.

If you’re sending normal-sized files (20MB/file, 300MB total/month) DBInbox is free forever. If you’re a hotshot, you can pay a bit to send much larger files and more.

Got it? Get it.