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Article • May 20, 2015

This App Makes Your Emails Better

Crystal is a Chrome extension and Gmail plugin that helps you say the right thing to each contact

Ever heard the phrase, “different strokes for different folks?” It means what works for you and for Dave in accounting might not be the same.

What if you knew just how to talk to people to get on their good side? That’d be more than cool, it’d be powerful.

Crystal is your social skeleton key. It gathers info, especially from LinkedIn, to help you approach contacts in the way that works best for them.

Ask it about virtually anybody. Say you’ve got a meeting with Bill Gates (nice!). It’ll tell you how to speak to him (“emphasize the future”), email him (“use an emoticon”), and how to sell to him (“don’t leave detailed voicemails”). It even has a Gmail plug-in to give advice as you write.

Try the premium accounts, too. They provide everything from email templates to relationship predictions.

It’s one stroke for every folk.