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Article • May 21, 2015

Make Better Video

Get 7 Days of Free Downloads from Videoblocks


Back in the day, “making video” meant renting heavy, expensive equipment, having a crew, perhaps studio space…

Today you whip out your smartphone, film 15 seconds of a cat riding a ceiling fan, and bam: you’re a star.

OK. That’s an oversimplification. But it is easier than ever to create video. To create really great video, however, you’ll need help from Videoblocks – a repository for high-quality, royalty-free video content.

Videoblocks’ unlimited library includes everything from clips to backgrounds to effects and more. Just pick from categories like time-lapse, aerial views, and After Effects templates – and start downloading.

Whether you’re starting a YouTube channel or creating a short film, Videoblocks’ simple pricing model makes it super easy for you to get what you need. Plus, Netted readers get to kick off with 7 days of free downloads. Get started now, and download up to 140 video clips for free.

Don’t just make video. Make awesome video.