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Article • May 26, 2015

Leave Your Bookkeeping to the Pros

Try Bench at 25% off for 3 months


Running a business is thrilling. You get to do work you’re passionate about. You get to be the boss. You get to oversee complicated bookkeeping…

If that last part isn’t “thrilling” for you, meet Bench. It’s the perfect middle ground between DIY bookkeeping (confusing) and doing it in-house (expensive), staffed by people who are passionate about keeping your books.

Bench is an online service with the personal touch of a friend. Sign up and you’re instantly introduced to the people you’ll be working with. Your highly vetted, dedicated bookkeeper then gains an intimate understanding of your business to ensure Bench is a good fit.

From there, connect your bank accounts and use Bench’s simple interface to share statements, receipts, notes, etc. They’ll manage your books, make recommendations, provide tax-ready statements, and ensure you’ll never be stressed by bookkeeping again.

Plus, you’ll get your first three months at 25% off.

Get back to the work you care about.