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Article • May 27, 2015

This App is the Recipe for a Perfect Meal

CookBrite is an Android app that manages your pantry and gives you recipe ideas

Dinner is a big task. But it’s 2015… it shouldn’t be so hard to put food on your family.

CookBrite has cornered all angles of dinnertime logistics, from recipes to shopping lists to cooking to making sure you’ve got enough milk.

Browse CookBrite’s encyclopedic base of recipes, including mains, sides, and desserts. Once you pick what you want to eat, it adds the ingredients to a grocery list and lets you omit what you already have.

Ready to cook? CookBrite walks you through every step and provides explanatory pictures. It’s also easy to toggle between the step you’re on and the ingredients list, that’s handy.

Say you pick up a little something extra while shopping. Just scan your receipt and CookBrite stores a list of everything you’ve got, and it deletes items once you confirm they’ve been cooked. This way you always know what you have.

So yes, you’ve got milk.