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Article • June 2, 2015

Take Control of Your Money with This App

Wally is an app for iOS and Android that keeps track of your spending

Payday: The best day of the month. Suddenly, all your financial dreams can come true. Those new headphones? A drop in the bucket. The dress you’ve been eying? Count it! Heck, you could switch apartments, plan a vacation, buy a boat…

Aaaaand you’re broke.

Let’s rewind: You can buy most things (including the boat!) if you do a good job watching how you spend your money. Your tool for that is Wally.

Wally pays close attention to how you spend. Just link your bank account or enter your spending manually – and each time you make a new expenditure, Wally takes note, tabulating and categorizing.

The app then fits your habits and spending into the larger picture of how much money you have for the day and month, and how much want to spend on what going forward. Set savings targets, or tag expenses you split with friends.

Next task: naming that boat.