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Video • June 5, 2015

5 Apps to Get You Eating Right

Get healthy, local, and organic with these five iOS and Android apps

The Internet will deliver your food, rate your food, and share your gratuitous photos of your food. But it can also help you find the best local, healthy food out there, too, which is pretty delicious by itself.

OPEN: Hi, I’m Netted’s Senior Editor Charlie Kaplan, and this is Netted Does.

INTRO: One of the many problems the internet is working hard to solve is eating right. Turns out everything from getting healthy food to watching your weight can be done from your computer or your phone. Besides, you know, eating it. There’s no app for that so don’t ask.

BLUEAPRONFolks with a short attention span: we’ll take care of you first. BlueApron will deliver all the pre-measured ingredients for incredible recipes right to your front door. Ingredients are fresh and organic and sourced at ethical farms.

FARMSTANDFor DIY eaters who want to concoct their own recipes, make sure you’re still shopping fresh, local, and organic. Locate your local farmer’s markets, see pictures of their quality goods, and then get shopping.

FOODUCATEIf you prefer roaming supermarket aisles, we can still help you eat right with Fooducate. This app uses your phone’s camera to scan barcodes in the grocery store, and then provides nutritional information and health grades. Tell it how you want to diet, and it’ll help you find the right foods.

COOKBOOTHEating healthy only works if you actually want to eat healthy, and Cookbooth helps with that. This site is a hub of video recipes for delicious dishes, plus you can specify dietary restrictions and explore specific collections, like vegetarian or, uh, chocolate porn.

MYFITNESSPALWeird fact about counting calories: the act of counting itself actually burns them. So consider MyFitnessPal, which lets you count your calorie and nutritional intake just by naming what you’ve eaten, sort of a workout unto itself.

OUTRO: That should cover it – get healthy fresh food delivered, or find it yourself, cross-check its quality, find the best recipes, and then keep track of your progress. I feel better already.

And that’s Netted Does. Bye!