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Article • June 15, 2015

Use This App to Organize Your Important Documents

Quokky is an app for iOS and Android that lets you recycle your stacks of papers

“Do you want a receipt?” they ask. You do a quick cost-benefit analysis in your head. Where will I keep this? Will I even remember that I kept it? Will I ever need it? The cashier snaps you out it: “Next on line?”

So now you’ve got this receipt. Tossing it immediately is an inexcusable waste, but clogging your file cabinets doesn’t make sense either. So instead, download Quokky and get on with your life.

Quokky for iOS and Android is a cloud for the documents that have no real place. Connect your Dropbox or Gmail account, or scan files with your camera. Store bills, pay stubs, tax documents, business cards, and more.

It also helps you stay on top of things. Set reminders for due bills, and extract important data from docs using Q-Magic. You can even link your providers so your bills upload right to the app.

So yes, you want a receipt.