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Video • June 19, 2015

5 Apps to Help You Unplug

These apps help you take a break from the Internet

The Internet is a beautiful place. But we all need a break sometimes. Believe it or not, these five apps will help you disconnect so you can recharge.

OPEN: Hi, I’m Netted’s Senior Editor Charlie Kaplan, and this is Netted Does.

INTRO: We love the internet, obviously, but sometimes we need a break. You know, to stop Instagramming before dinner gets cold, or to catch some of the game in between tweeting about it. Don’t get us wrong…the internet is amazing. But it might be so amazing that you could use a little help getting away from it. Ironically, your savior is more apps.

OFFTIME: Let’s start with the grand daddy: Offtime. You pick how long you want to be off the grid for, and this Android app will block calls, texts, and notifications, except from VIPs. Same goes for apps – shut down an app you can’t stay away from. After you come back online, it’ll give you a roundup of who tried to get through so you can follow up.

QUALITYTIME/MOMENT: The only way to get better is to diagnose the problem accurately. Android users: QualityTime shows you how often you use your phone, what apps you visit, and how much time you kill on them. You can track time spent and set limits. For iPhone users, check out Moment.

COLDTURKEY/SELF CONTROL: Ever close out a browser tab just to reopen the same exact tab right after? It’s demoralizing. And preventable! Cold Turkey (for PCs) and Self Control (for Macs) will block certain sites while you’re trying to work. Parents can use it to keep kids off Reddit during homework time. Sorry, kids.

OMMWRITER: Blocking out distractions is one thing, but getting down to business is another. Ommwriter helps you do both. This minimalist writing environment keeps notifications out of your face and provides lots of relaxing, Zen effects to put you in the zone.

OUTRO: Fighting distractions is a hard battle – heck, maybe you ended up on this video for just that reason – but it’s a winnable one. Get hooked up with these apps, then unhook from everything else.

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