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Article • June 25, 2015

Simplify Your Emails

MailTime is an iOS app that makes answering emails as easy as texting

When you think of emails you think: work, lots of text, stress, responsibility, that same GIF Tim from accounting keeps sending around like you haven’t seen it before…

When you think of texts you think: fast, quick conversations, amazing GIFs

The thing is, MailTime can make your emails just as fast, efficient, and fun as your texts, and add a lot of new features, too.

MailTime (for iOS and Android) is a chat app, just like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The big difference? It reformats all your emails to that familiar text stream, so you can reply quickly, view previous emails as a conversation, and search by contact.

It also makes sure you don’t lose any of your productivity. Copy contacts with a click, assign tasks to coworkers quickly, and send links from Dropbox right in-feed.

And yeah, it can handle GIFs, too. Don’t tell Tim.