Plot Perfect Running Routes - Netted
Video • June 26, 2015

Plot Perfect Running Routes

Lassoo is an iOS app that designs you useful running routes

Running is great for your health. Running, getting lost, and getting stressed out is not. Chart perfect running routes with one app.

OPEN: Hi, I’m Netted’s Senior Editor Charlie Kaplan, and this is Cheat Codes.

So you’ve decided to get in shape. Good for you! A regular, healthy jog or bike ride is good for the heart. You know what’s not, though? Getting really lost. Or getting super bored, because your route sucks. Or getting angry, because you plotted a 5 mile path starting at your apartment… and now need to walk 5 miles back.

LASSOO thinks these are easy problems to solve. This app does one thing very well: it plots nice, circular exercise routes in your hood. Tell it how far you’re going and it’ll make sure you end up right where you started. Save the routes you like and send them to friends.

Once you’re done running, make sure you fuel up right. You know what’s actually a great post-run supplement? Chocolate milk. Yum.

OUTRO: Anyway. That’s your Cheat Code! Gotta “run”! (PAUSE)… Okay, I’ll let myself out.