Create Your Command Center - Netted
Article • June 29, 2015

Create Your Command Center builds a homepage you can customize

On the main bridge of the Starship Enterprise, Captain Kirk gives orders. “Warp One, Mr. Sulu,” he commands. “Warp 0.8,” Sulu counts. “Warp 0.9.” “Where are we heading, sir?” a crewmember wonders. “Out there,” Kirk responds. “Thataway.”

This is sort of what it’s like using Sure, there’s no intergalactic travel, unfriendly aliens, or color-coded polyester tunics. But it does make you feel like you’re in the command center of a pretty powerful ship. is your personalized homepage. It’ll show you everything you need to know for the day – sports scores, breaking news, links to all your social networks, cloud and work services, your calendar events, and the local weather. is customized to your interests and needs. It takes into account your bookmarks and to-dos, and stays stored in the cloud, so you can access your homepage from wherever.

Even if you’re out there.