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Article • July 2, 2015

Hitting Your Goals with One App

Productive is an iOS app that helps you build better habits

There’s something wrong with the phrase “forming good habits.” It’s just… where’s the glory? That’s a dull way to describe something that contributes directly to your success.

Here with a tactical approach is Productive, an iOS app that not only helps strategize good habit formation, but makes you feel like a champ in the process.

Whatever you want to do – quit smoking, do 100 pushups a day, check in with friends, meditate – Productive can help. It takes instructions on how often you want to repeat said habit (daily, weekly, monthly), and what days and times work.

But setting goals is half the battle. To really commit, you need a push. Productive gently reminds you to hit your marks and keeps track of when you do. It shows you how long your streak is, and how many total times you’ve succeeded.

“Forming good habits” suddenly feels more like “winning at life.”