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Article • July 6, 2015

The Future's Calling

Drupe is an Android app that gets you in touch with your friends faster

Remember flip phones? They made things look so easy. When you wanted to talk to somebody, you grabbed the thing, threw it open with whiplash-level force, and started talking. Man, so cool.

Nowadays getting in touch is less cool. Where’s the sexiness in trying to remember what folder you put WhatsApp in? Drupe is here to bring that sexiness back.

Drupe is an Android app that makes getting in touch with people, however you want to, super easy.

When you install it, the left side of your screen becomes instantly adorned with four subtle dots. Tap them, and you’ll see two columns, one with all your contacts, the other with all the ways you can get in touch. That includes Facebook, Google Hangouts, texting/calling, and many more. Just drag their face to the right dot, and suddenly you’re talking.

See? Fast, convenient, and cool. As you can tell, we’re flipping out.