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Article • July 8, 2015

Hail Any Taxi with One App

Ek is an app for iOS and Android that finds you the best cab available

One taxi service is middle of some bad “surge pricing.” Another one has a 25-minute wait time. The third… you’re pretty sure they only send rickshaws.

Sorting out which taxi app has the best option can be more time consuming than trying to, you know, physically hail one. That is, unless you’re using Ek, the app for iOS and Android that brings together several services to help you pick the right ride.

Ek shows you rates for any local cab, and how long it’ll take to get to you. Select what level of car you’d like (limousines only, thanks) and give it a tap – your ride is on its way.

Whether it’s Uber, Sidecar, Hailo, Ola, Meru, Gett, Flywheel (we’re not making these up), Taxi For Sure, BiTaksi, or BigYellowTaxiByJoniMitchell (okay, that one’s fake), Ek knows their rates.

It’s got a number of new integrations on the way – but oddly, no rickshaws.