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Article • July 9, 2015

Unbox Awesome Gifts Monthly

Join Bespoke Post and use code NETTED for 15% off your first box


Guys, let’s face it. Daily life can get monotonous. You wake up. Shower. You put on one of your three outfits. You commute. Work. Dinner. Sleep. Ugh.

You need to spice things up. Get some help from Bespoke Post. This service ships a box of carefully chosen, limited edition men’s lifestyle gear monthly to add something different to your every day. (Ladies: It’s a great gift for your husband, dad, brother, favorite bartender, etc.)

Every box is themed, and you’ll get an email on the 1st of each month telling you what to expect. Then it’s your choice to skip it or ship it (there’s no commitment). Think stuff like the “Cheers” box for brew-focused barware. Or the “Dive” box for beach gear. And much more.

Boxes are $45/month if you join Bespoke Post’s club. Plus, any link in this post or code NETTED saves you 15% on your first shipment.

You want to spice things up? Join the club.